color archetypes!!!!!?

Can someone tell me the archetypes for different colors? such as rede blue green yellow orange purple black and brown. thanks!

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  • White – Positive associations are light, innocence, purity, virginity, and timelessness. A heroic character will usually wear this color prior to experiencing a rite of passage. Negative associations are death, terror, the supernatural, and the blinding truth of an inscrutable cosmic mystery.

    Black – Positive associations are knowledge and intelligence. The hero figure may wear a combination of black and white while processing through various trials. Negative associations are evil, melancholy, chaos, mystery, the unknown, and death.

    Yellow – Depicts hope and happiness. Positive association with the sun. As long as the sun shines, there is hope for a new beginning.

    Red – Depicts great passion as in love, violence, and artistry. Also denotes blood, sacrifice, and disorder. The hero or one of his/her cohorts during battles may wear this color.

    . Blue – A positive color associated with compromise, serenity, truth, security, spiritual purity. Characters wearing this color usually represent peacemakers.

    . Green – Positive associations are life, rebirth, growth, hope, fertility. Sometimes seen in conjunction with yellow. Negative associations are death and decay.

    Orange – A combination color used to represent hope and passion (yellow and red).

    Brown – Earth tones representing unity with the land. Frequently seen with native animals or characters in harmony with their homeland. Earthmothers wear this color.

    Purple – Associated with power and royalty, depending upon the degree of richness used.

    Gold/Silver – Associated with wealth, status, and power.

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